APS Code of Conduct


1.     Players are responsible for conforming to the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.  Most of us can clearly distinguish between fair play and gamesmanship, or taking advantage of loopholes in the rules.  These comments are intended to assist students to avoid thoughtless and unintentional breaches of the accepted code of conduct.

The home captain should extend the normal courtesies of a host to visiting teams.

2.     Spectators:

a.     Whatever interferes with the orderly conduct of an event, or the comfort and freedom of others to watch and enjoy the event is unacceptable.

b.     Spectators are encouraged to applaud good play by both sides.

c.     There should be no streamers, either in rolls or bunches, banners, bugles, car horns, or other noisy instruments.

d.     There should be no cheerleaders or other exhibitionists.

e.     Areas used by spectators should be left free of litter.

3.     Coaches are expected to set the example to others at all times and ensure that the spirit of the game and the essence of the regulations are upheld.