History of the Foundation

Though meetings between APS School Captains have been customary since the beginning of the APS, it was only in 2009 that the process was formalised into the current APS School Captain’s Foundation. The Foundation was established as a medium through which APS schools could work together as a collective to support chosen organisations and improve the APS community from the perspective of its students.

Aims and Goals

Each year the APS Foundation sets out to:

  • Collectively support and fundraise for a chosen charity through a range of avenues. At the APS Athletics Finals, the last sporting event in the APS calendar, the Foundation present their chosen charity with a cheque on behalf of the APS and its body of students.
  • Promote unison amongst the APS schools, beyond or within the field of sporting competition
  • Review APS policy from the eyes of the students and other suggestions where appropriate for amendments and/or the direction of future practice
  • Raise awareness of the Foundation
  • Provide a forum for captains to discuss and workshop issues that may afflict their given school or student body


The 2019 leaders supported the Skyline Education Foundation, which works to keep talented students in school who, due to difficult circumstances, otherwise would not be able to. Orchestrating the first APS Foundation Sport round and conducting internal fundraising initiatives, the 2019 captains collectively raised an approximate $19,000 for the Skyline Education Foundation.

In addition to the APS Foundation donation, Gandel Philanthropy  generously donated $20,000 to support the schools’ initiative resulting in close to $40,000 being raised through this project this year

Each APS School Captain lead fundraising and awareness events for the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation at their respective schools, in a collective effort to support the foundation their Go Grey in May initiative.

Skyline Donation 2019


In 2018 the APS Foundation joined forces with the Skyline Education Foundation Australia. The organisation was chosen as it aims to provide education and resources to ensure that children are best able to make the most of their opportunities, just as the APS hopes to. The year resulted in over $20,000 being raised, achieving our goal of funding two individual scholarships through Skyline. In addition to each school’s respective bake sales and casual clothes days, a charity basketball match was organised with various sporting players and radio presenters (including Matt Tilley and Josh Dunkley-Smith) competing against a team composed of students from the various APS schools.  The venture not only resulted in a great contribution for Skyline, but also on evening that continued to champion the values of the APS.


The combined effort of all eleven APS Schools culminated in a successful 2017 year for The Foundation. The first meeting between the representatives of each school determined the Berry Street (Vic) organisation to be the recipient of the donations for the year. Due to Berry’s Street prevalence in Melbourne, and its dedication to protecting children and families, all schools agreed that their mission was more than worthy of receiving the support of the APS.

Collaboratively, all schools hosted a ‘denim on denim’ casual clothes day in early August, as well as barbecues and other activities. Following a year of organising and fundraising, a substantial donation was presented to Bridgette Wraight at the APS Combined Athletics Sports at Lakeside Stadium.


In 2016, the APS School leaders collectively decided to support Eat Up, a non-profit that supplies lunches to primary school students who go to school without any food. By running events such as sausage sizzles, themed dress days and school sleep-outs, the APS committee was able to raise approximately $16,000 to assist Eat Up in raising money for a new van and food drives.

Liz Dawes of the Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation also spoke to the APS Committee during their initial meeting, and schools went on to run internal initiatives to support the RCD foundation during Brain Week in May.


In 2015 the APS Foundation supported the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS). MITS opened its doors in 2016 and helps to create pathways for educational opportunities for students from remote and regional areas in Melbourne. The APS Foundation raised money for MITS through the ‘APS Vision’ event held at Haileybury. The event saw bands from APS Schools battle it out to be judged winner by the Bachelor Sam Wood and AngryDad. This was complimented by individual fundraising efforts at each APS School.


At the beginning of the year the 2014 APS group aimed to bring awareness to the RCD (Robert Connor Dawes) foundation. Together, we organised an arts festivity wherein 2-3 talented performers from each school showed off their talents; musicians, comedians and actor skits, with all proceeds going towards the RCD foundation. Furthermore, we arranged for students to partake in the RCD’s Connor’s Run and hosted a Grey Day at each school (students wore grey for coin donations).


In 2013, the APS School Captains decided to raise funds and awareness for the newly established Robert Connor Dawes Foundation. The leaders organised an event called ‘APS Live’ which was held at Connor’s former school, Brighton Grammar School. APS Live showcased music acts from the best performers of each APS school. This event was complemented by immense support from APS leaders and students at Connor’s Run as well as internal school fundraising efforts. Since 2013, the APS School leaders have found it fitting to continue to strengthen our support of the RCD Foundation in memory of Connor.


The Reach Foundation was chosen by the Captains and a cheque was presented to then Reach CEO Sarah Davies by Carey Grammar School Captain Patrick O’Bryan at the APS Combined Athletics Sports at Lakeside Stadium.


Our 2011 APS Foundation group focused our energy on collective social justice efforts as well as improving our individual schools. All Captains shared an interest in fundraising and education, and so we decided to raise awareness for the Oaktree Foundation. We ran a Battle of the Bands events, both to fund raise and to promote networks between APS students. Groups from each school entered a band with the audience donating on entry. Each APS School supported the initiative through various means; hosting the event, providing buses and transport to and from the venue.


In 2010 the School Captains decided to support three different charities and The Foundation raised over $20,000 in total.

Those charities were; Beyond BlueYouth Substance Abuse Service (YSAS)  &  The Butterfly Foundation


The APS foundation was launched in 2009 with an event held at Scotch College and was attended by principals and delegates from each APS school (including the current and future leaders). Lex Lasry, Australian lawyer and judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria (2007 – 2018) made an appearance as a guest speaker at the event.

The 2009 leaders began the framework for the Foundation for future leaders to build upon. Their intent was to create an opportunity for student leaders to collaborate with other like-minded students across APS schools with a collective goal of giving back to our communities.